An out of the BOX tutoring service.








Simply Different

 At Homebound—We're more than just a tutoring company. We're advocates and mentors.  We differentiate ourselves by putting the student first.


Our Mission

To provide innovative, cost effective and  quality tailored tutoring access to ALL.  We want our service to change the lives of our clients and the community they live in.  

What can you count on?

Expertise: We work with certified teachers and college graduates with years of experience in their respective content.  Our teachers are aware of the classroom curriculum and common core expectations.

A personalized Approach

True One to One Tutoring

Small Group Tutoring

Expert Support




Tutoring Fees:


Level 1 Tutoring:  

2nd Grade to 6th Grade

1-1 Tutoring          $28/hr  

Group Tutoring   $25/hr    


Level 2 Tutoring:

7th Grade and 8th Grade                   

1-1 Tutoring           $32/hr  

Group Tutoring      $28/hr


Level 3 Tutoring:

9th Grade to College

1-1 Tutoring           $35/hr  

Group Tutoring    $28/hr




Homework Club


Our Homework Club is designed for students who need personal tutoring on specific homework assignments, and for the parent looking for a structured environment with certified teachers after  school.

We help turn the usual frustration at home into productive learning time.  Homework will become a lot less stressful and students will extend their learning beyond the classroom. 




 After School Math Enrichment

Schools are teaching math differently than they used to.  As parents we try to help our students  and sometimes create more frustrations for them.Our certified teacher have years of experience in the classroom and are very knowledgeable with the common core expectations. We can help your student gain the necessary skills to succeed in the math classroom.



We can help fill the gaps.

High school math builds on Middle School concepts and Middle School concepts on Elementary.  Many students experience gaps in their mathematical understanding. Our experienced and certified math teachers will help fill those gaps during our math enrichment program.


We can help all students. 

Today's classrooms are homogeneously grouped and many students can benefit from forging ahead in the curriculum.  We can help students master and preview concepts that they will encounter in  class or the next progression.


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