Homebound Unlimited
Homebound Unlimited

About Us

A New Level Of Excellence To Tutoring Services

Our Mission:

  • To provide innovative, cost effective and quality educational programs to help enhance the lives of our clients, the community they live in, and our society as a whole.

What can you count on?



  • Certified teachers with the necessary experience to provide one-on-one with your child.  Our tutors are currently teaching the curriculum used in your child’s classroom
A Personalized Approach
  •  One-on-One 
  • Tailor made approaches and expert support
  • High quality resources
  • Flexibility and Affordability
We are built on the premise of providing quality educational services without limits and
we believe that in order to provide such a service we must bridge the gap between
communities and schools.
We hope to be a useful resource to Delaware families by providing affordable quality
service and publishing meaningful content on educational topics.
We want to partner with you by serving as academic supporters for students in
Mathematics, Reading/English (K-12 and college students) and help you gain greater
understanding of your child’s curriculum.
In addition to our in-home services, we provide specialized academic services, such as
extended day programs, and summer programs, to community school districts. We are
currently servicing students at the Police Athletic League in Wilmington.


Homebound Unlimited offers private tutoring 7 days a week. We give access to

highly qualified tutors and certified teachers at your request.


Our teachers will assist by helping student gain greater understanding of concepts,

homework assignments, improve study skills, standardized test prep or exam review.

All this is done at your convenience and 1-1 at the students pace.


Homebound Unlimited is now offering the same high quality service at the Police

Athletic League in Wilmington. Homebound was created under a bold premise: provide

academic services without limits.  


We’ve taken the first step by opening our Doors at the PALW.  

We will bring our certified teachers to the PALW to provide:




Our Tutors are highly qualified professionals with many years of experience. Our

teachers can help students of all ages and abilities, including students

with special needs.


They are flexible, knowledgeable and caring.  At your convenience, a certified

Homebound Educator will travel to your home or local library.


We offer tutoring for K-12 and college students. Our Director of Instruction will

collaborate with the tutor to create a personalized plan to assure each student reach

his/her true potential.


Our director is available to you to answer questions and modify tutoring plans

for the life of service and beyond.


Homebound Unlimited gives access to high quality affordable tutoring plans. We

provide a service that can be included in every budget and provide an

education without limits. 1-on-1 one at the home or with small groups at the Police

Athletic League.