Call (302) 559-6933 and schedule a FREE face to face with our director of instruction. We ALWAYS schedule meetings at your convenience.

  • Discuss Homebound’s philosophy and mission
  • Discuss your individual needs and specific expectations
  • Discuss our options
  • Discuss the individual academic needs of the student
  • Create a convenient schedule

Schedule a convenient time for an assessment in the comfort of your home. This assessment will give us valuable information and insight into the instructional needs of the student.



Student Specific


Using the information collected at our first meeting and the assessment; a learning plan is created to fit the student’s specific academic needs.

  • Assessment is reviewed by Director of Instruction
  • Highlight leaks in the foundation
  • Highlight strengths to build on
  • Match content with State/District and classroom standards for consistency
  • Design a learning plan based on strengths/weaknesses and standards to assure success
  • Student centered tutoring

Our Work

Alligned With State Standards



Provide an educational experience without limits!

  • Our parents remain in contact with our director of instruction throughout the program in case there is a need for modifications, upgrades, and/or to assure a true individual experience.
  • Align our work with the classroom and strengthen foundations.
  • Call (302) 559-6933 to get started or book an appointment below.

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